Hacking On A Compute Stick 64GB – Be Portable, Be Anywhere BlackArch & Kali USB Drive

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A portable USB with display and  tools from our CyberDeck for Cyber Hacking educational purposes
Kali – Over 600 Cyber Hacking Tools
BlackArch – Over 2,800 Cyber Hacking Tools
Documentation, tutorials, and articles will be provided

Simple to use, connect the drive, disable BIOS safe boot(in some cases), and boot from the drive, then select which OS you want to use, Kali, BlackArch, or your default Windows & Mac OS

Avaible access to over 30K Books
-Entire Wikipedia offline
-Wikimed Medical Encyclopedia
-TED Talks (Videos)
-Government Disaster Survival Documentation
-Resources in History, Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Aviation, Motor Vehicle Repair, and more!
All are accessible anywhere with no internet connection EVER! Once downloaded with the installation of project Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB).

MicroSD upgradable storage
A pocket-sized design

Additional Addons
• GPS Tracking Dongle
• RTL- SDR Radio Analyzer Dongle
• Directional WIFI Antenna for accurate, long-distance WIFI Scans
• FPV Camera and transmitter dongle
• FPV Camera battery
• FPV Video receiver

If you have any questions or need support don’t hesitate to contact us!


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