Mini Cyber Desktop With Screen, Windows 11 PRO, Dual Boot Kali & BlackArch

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New mini Cyber Desktop, full of features and with a built-in screen
-Configured with Windows, Kali, BlackArch, and other cyber tools


New unit with Cyber Hacking tools for educational purposes
Windows (50GB)
Kali – Over 600 Cyber Hacking Tools
BlackArch – Over 2,800 Cyber Hacking Tools
Documentation, tutorials, and articles will be provided

Avaible access to over 30K Books
-Entire Wikipedia offline
-Wikimed Medical Encyclopedia
-TED Talks (Videos)
-Government Disaster Survival Documentation
-Resources in History, Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Aviation, Motor Vehicle Repair, and more!
All are accessible anywhere with no internet connection EVER! Once downloaded with the installation of project Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB).

The Mini Cyber Desktop features LCD display, RGB lighting, magnetic design, and WiFi 6. Vertical S1 Mini Computer with 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake-N97 processor (up to 3.6GHz, 22W TDP). The performance of N97 is 48% higher than N5105/N5095 and 16% higher than N95/N100. With its better performance and avant-garde design, the S1 is perfect for office work, online training or 4K video playback


Intel 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake-N97
512GB SSD M.2
WiFi 6.0
BT 5.2
Dual Gigabit Ethernet
4x USB ports, 
Dual HDMI supports 4k

Additional Addons
• GPS Tracking Dongle
• RTL- SDR Radio Analyzer Dongle
• Directional WIFI Antenna for accurate, long-distance WIFI Scans
• FPV Camera and transmitter dongle
• FPV Camera battery
• FPV Video receiver

If you have any questions or need support don’t hesitate to contact us!

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